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Welch Equipment Company  is a Denver-based, full service forklift dealer.  We supply new and used forklifts from some of the world’s top brands, including Toyota, Raymond, Clark, Taylor and others. 

Our service team offers maintenance and repair for all types of forklifts, from  indoor electric trucks to outdoor rough terrain forklifts and everything in between.  We have more than 150 factory trained technicians ready to dispatch at a moment’s notice.

Welch features one of the best-stocked parts departments in the Denver Metro, and we can supply components for all almost all forklift manufacturers. 

We also offer mobile tire service. Our mobile tire press will come to your facility anywhere in the Denver area and replace all of the tires on your truck within a matter of minutes.  We offer a full range of non-marking, solid, traction, smooth, pneumatic, foam filled, and polyurethane tires.

When it comes to forklift attachments, nobody in Denver has a better selection than Welch.  Whether you’re looking for a simple side shifter or fork extensions, or need more specialized equipment like carton or roll clamps, we have a wide variety of options for almost any forklift.

Our battery division can equip your operation with the latest in battery tech, including VRLA, Lithium-Ion and other modern options.  

Finally, if you need safety, operational or technical forklift training, Welch has you covered. We offer all types of forklift training for businesses. 

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